Who we are

We are builders of dreams

We are lifestyle experts who can help you build and live your dream. The Bianconeve team has been designing and building living spaces that put people at their centre for over 20 years. The houses we deliver are our clients’ dream homes; they are the spaces for the stories and desires of the people who choose us. The Bianconeve real estate group based in the Aosta Valley restores important buildings or builds new properties, focusing on the needs and emotions of its clients who are looking for a house in the mountains, immersed in nature, where they can go to practise outdoor sports and look after their mental and physical well-being.

Surrounded by the warmth of wood and the glow of a fireplace, our houses provide the pleasure of living in total comfort with the added bonus of high-level technology that has become absolutely indispensable, now more than ever.

Understanding the area where we work

Our approach to each new project begins from the area where we work, from what we know about it, and what we can learn. This allows us to monitor any changes so we can assess opportunities for growth and the revaluation of a property. With our design team we build or restructure buildings, making sure they fit in with their environmental context, with careful attention to detail, to internal and shared areas, and to the choice of materials and state-of-the-art technology. This means the value of the property is maintained over time, and guarantees not only the pleasure of owning a new home but also a secure real estate investment for our clients.

How we work

Our architects and interior designers work with the client to plan the layout of the apartment and the personalised finishes to create a tailor-made home for new owners. Bianconeve combines passion and experience with the concepts of state-of-the-art real estate: innovation, quality monitoring during construction and environmental sustainability of building materials. This is the how we work with our clients to write their new stories…


Our twenty years of knowledge and expertise combine to design buildings with high human impact and low environmental impact


Behind all our projects lies a passionate team of professionals who design and develop each building, putting people’s needs before everything else


3D technology, home automation, app for residents, insulation and energy-saving systems, low energy consumption


We offer high-quality residential solutions that meet people’s needs, using carefully selected materials, and delivered with passion


We believe that the future of real estate is green, geared towards energy-saving solutions and cutting waste